Refund Policy

At WSJ Digital Subscription, we prioritize openness and endeavor to guarantee you possess a comprehensive comprehension of our reimbursement guidelines. Take a moment to thoroughly examine the following details:

Complimentary Trial Periods:

Occasionally, we offer no-cost trial periods for our services or products. Throughout these trials, no charges will be applied to your credit card. The trial dates and durations will be prominently showcased on our website, and advance notifications will be dispatched to our customers.

Continuation post Trial Period:

Should you opt to proceed with utilizing our service or product after the trial period (which persists a minimum of 1 calendar day), your credit card will be invoiced the specified amount indicated during the trial. Please be aware that no reimbursements will be issued beyond this juncture.

Automatic Recurring Billing (ARB):

For services billed on a monthly basis through Automatic Recurring Billing (ARB), your credit card will be debited on the anniversary of your initial registration date. This billing will persist unless you terminate your subscription at least one (1) day before the subsequent billing cycle.

Yearly Subscriptions:

Regrettably, for services entailing an annual subscription, no reimbursements will be extended following the initial registration.

Maintaining Payment Information:

To guarantee uninterrupted access to our services, it is imperative for all customers to keep their payment information up-to-date. This involves promptly updating credit card details and expiration dates as necessitated. Failure to uphold current payment information or precise account records may culminate in the suspension of account services without prior notice.

Contact Us:

If you possess any inquiries or require assistance regarding your subscription or payment information, do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We are here to assist you and furnish the aid you necessitate.

Appreciation for being a esteemed member of the WSJ Digital Subscription community.

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